Encore: Fun Last Night



island records uk

addiction worldwide
creative director.

peter falloon
production assistant.

sasha mbilika

alex varanese

My favorite English R&B trio is back with another single about the trials, tribulations and traumatizing trivialities of the modern love scene. Like last time, my job was to place three immaculately photographed band members in an ultra-stylized tableau of urban deconstruction that feels both believable and surreal.

This time, however, the goal was to strike a more muted, contemplative tone, using something called... uh... "blue." I also reeled in the skyscraper deconstruction on this one, partially to match the mellower sound of the track and to keep the background from fighting with the foreground, which features concrete pillars and a segmented floor in a more advanced state of disarray.

copyright 2008-9999 alex varanese. all rights reserved.