Encore: Tit for Tat



island records uk

addiction worldwide
creative director.

peter falloon
senior producer.

tom mackay

alex varanese

Encore is an English R&B group featuring three fresh-faced lads on a perpetual quest to patch things up with their girlfriends through the healing power of phat beats and sensual harmonies. I'd like to think I've helped in that endeavor, even if only slightly, with the contribution of some vividly designed album artwork for their single "Tit for Tat".

Addiction Worldwide, the agency responsible for the project, wanted to place the band in a menacing urban environment attempting to close in on them as they hazard a daring escape from its clutches. Inspiration came from sources ranging from Inception to the series I produced for Surface Magazine last year. I think the result conveys the intended message in an interesting way, while being just glossy and quirky enough to remind you that it's not taking itself too seriously.

copyright 2008-9999 alex varanese. all rights reserved.