Global 500: Fortune


fortune magazine
art director.

robert festino
design & illustration.

alex varanese

For the August 2010 "Global 500" issue of Fortune, art director Robert Festino said he wanted to try something a little different, focusing on heavily stylized typography with a realistic, almost industrial feel to it. My Acumen series was mentioned as a potential starting point (which ended up being the winner), but exploration was encouraged at every step of the way. The only mandates were to avoid finance-related cliches and anything else that felt too safe.

Two of the comps I presented were intended to be noticeably vintage; I really dug the idea of resurrecting the style I imagine the magazine might have embraced in the 60's or so. They didn't make it very far, unsurprisingly, but they were fun to try in any case. I also tried to keep things on the reddish side of the palette as much as possible, but had to walk a very delicate line to keep the color scheme from falling into politically dubious territory (wink wink).

I think the result strikes a solid balance between vintage texture and a modern finish, feels tactile and believable without sacrificing geometric abstraction, and looks stylish without being gimmicky.

comp: "orthogonal geometry"

comp: "global activity"

comp: "vintage globalism"

I really got my hopes up about this one. As unlikely as it was, I was mildly obsessed with the idea of going ultra retro with a modern-day Fortune cover. Oh well.

comp: "simple type"

comp: "jet age"

comp: "shadows"

final design

final design

final design

Fortune sent this little card with a stack of sample issues. They were an extremely cool client and a ton of fun to work with, but I included it because of how hilariously sterile the language is. It sounds like I'm turning state's evidence to testify against a mob boss.

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