Jack Daniel's Brand Retrospective: Fortune


fortune magazine
art director.

rose demaria
design & illustration.

alex varanese

Fortune's December 2011 issue (Vol. 164, No. 10) features a detailed history of the Jack Daniel's brand, following its roots in 19th century Tennessee through prohibition, high demand, limited supply and unconventional global marketing. Along the way it explores detours taken to establish a presence in professional racing, music and other facets of pop culture, and how a locally-produced whiskey can reach customers worldwide.

To illustrate the article, I stitched together an assorted collection of objects to loosely form the brand's iconic square bottle. Each fragment represents an aspect of the Jack Daniel's story, from its old-fashioned distillery to its association with arena rock bands. The rough-hewn shape is surrounded by additional debris and unused pieces, suggesting an in-progress work more concerned with refinement than completion.

Finally, I set the piece on a black background with strong but simple lighting to evoke the feel of bygone product photography. It's not quite retro, but it's just timeless enough to fit the historical theme of the piece.

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