Drum Off 2010 Concepts: Guitar Center (Unfinished)


guiar center
art director.

inigo del olmo
design & illustration.

alex varanese

I was asked by Guitar Center to present some branding concepts for their Drum Off 2010 competition early on in the project's development. They specifically requested something along the lines of The Imprint, an appropriately music-themed project I'd recently completed, but gave me pretty much free reign otherwise. They ultimately decided to go in a different direction, but I still like the way these concepts came out, unfinished as they may be.

I started by building a logotype from Estereo, an in-progress typeface of mine that had the right mix of quirkiness and heavy bulk. The O was designed to house either concentric circles or a star, suggesting the impact at the center of a drum's surface. The logo was then converted to 3D and placed in a scene that further established the sense of crushing impact.

comp: "rocktastrophe"

vector logo options

I created the logo entirely using Estereo, an in-progress typeface of mine. The center of the O was meant to embody the surface of the drum and the impact of a strike.

3d logo treatment

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