Google TV Ads Promo



david bryant

david bryant

christine allen
art direction.

alex varanese

alex varanese
sound design.

alex varanese

To give Google's targeted, metrics-driven advertising technology a memorable introduction to the world of TV, director/writer David Bryant wanted to contrast the profound evolution that television has undergone in the last half century with the sluggish pace at which TV advertising has advanced, from the loveable clunkiness of the mid-20th century to the obnoxious excess of today's cable news culture.

I approached the animation in three basic phases. First was the tactile environment of the video wall itself, built haphazardly from a collection of original TV models created to summarize their respective decades. The second phase introduced the motion graphics pieces housed within each TV. Video from each period was studied to capture the quirky styles of yesteryear and, ideally, capture that spirit in an authentic way. Finally, the VO was used to guide a modern-day infographic treatment seen through the fractured window of the video wall. The Google brand drove the look of this section, with its primary colors and flat, vector-style iconography.

The last step was sound design. David collected period-appropriate music to hilariously bring each era to life while I laid down effects, atmosphere and a subtle layer of digital bleepiness. As a final step, I handled requests to "edit" the video wall's music by producing a full-fledged remix; what began as an unnecessarily epic rave anthem was re-imagined as tighter, more focused electro with a new bassline and stompier, clearer beat. The result played better beneath the VO while maintaining an energetic but conversational vibe.

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