Jack Kerouac Covers: Rowohlt Verlag


rowohlt verlag

alex varanese

Rowohlt Verlag is the exclusive publisher of the translated works of Jack Kerouac in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and was looking for something new in the way of cover art for three of his novels. Somehow they came across a few of my pieces from Pavement Loop, Abstract Works and Broken by Design, and the rest is history. I sent them some files and their finely-tuned art department handled the rest with clean, attractive typography and layout.

What makes this story particularly noteworthy, however, was the first email they sent me, which listed the various reasons why this would be a good idea. The last item on their list was, and I quote:

"Also, hey, it's On the Road!"

Not that I ever needed convincing. Jack Kerouac? Come on.

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