Running Tees: Nike


art director.

kristen shenk
design & illustration.

alex varanese

Nike commissioned this series of running tees with a simple creative brief that provided quippy phrases and examples of my work to use as the basis of their visual interpretation. In the first case, I was asked to illustrate the phrase "Kill It" using the deconstructed streets of my Pavement Loop series. In the second, the words "Mileage Junkie" were to be assembled from fragments of running equipment in the style of my Elektrotrash typeface.

The "Kill It" piece was presented as the sleeker, sportier option. Itís just gritty enough to capture the feel of painted asphalt and cement, but remains fluid and simplistic in its geometry, especially with the tail end of road flowing onto the back of the shirt.

"Mileage Junkie", on the other hand, was all about the details. Each item in the arrangement was modeled and textured from scratch, including numerous items that required generic but believable packaging and faux branding, such as energy bars, lip balm, ibuprofen, and a rolled up racing bib. Finally, as an alternative to the almost overpowering detail of the finished piece, I created a secondary version that resembled high-contrast monochrome photography.

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