The Good Wife Set Prints: CBS


set decorator.

beth kushnick
art department.

jennifer gurevich

alex varanese

CBS was preparing for season two of The Good Wife, a courtroom drama starring Josh Charles—Dan Rydell from Sports Night, my lifelong personal role model—when I was contacted by set decorator Beth Kushnick about using some of my prints on the show. After a moderately successful phone conversation that my obtuse attempts at humor almost derailed entirely, I ordered up some prints and rushed them to FedEx, demanding they get them there overnight at any cost. They informed me that cost would be $150, at which point I realized a healthy 3-5 day wait probably wouldn't hurt anyone.

Since the premiere I've been watching the show closely and can happly say that almost all of the pieces they ordered (five from Pavement Loop and two from Urban Cartography) have had way more screen time than they probably deserve.

On a related note, my repeated requests to appear on the show in a 3-5 episode arc as J.J. Gardner, Will's younger, black sheep brother living a double life as both an on-and-off junkie and undiscovered jazz trumpet virtuoso, have gone largely ignored.

CBS ordered 23 episodes of The Good Wife, five pieces from my Pavement Loop series, and two pieces from Urban Cartography. Probably not all on the same day though.

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