Volt Glimpse: Chevrolet



production house.

zoic studios
art director.

leif allen
creative director.

david bryant

casey brewer
interactive producer.

marisa schoen
original design.

alex varanese

First things first—these beautiful renders are stills from a piece produced by Zoic Studios. I wish I could say they're mine, but alas, they aren't.

Anyway, Publicis was putting together a 30-second spot for the Chevrolet Volt when they came across my Pavement Loop series and wanted to know if I'd be interested in helping them adapt it into animation. After providing the artwork itself, which was used directly in the storyboarding process and then indirectly to set the art direction for the final piece, Zoic Studios took over.

Over the course of a week or so, I provided sketches and general commentary on how I envisioned the aspect ratio changing from an 18x24" poster to a 16:9 frame while they cranked out rough cuts. Once we'd adapted the basic scenes, we moved on to fleshing them out to take further advantage of the medium. I suggested things like oscillating the road segments to create a snake-like movement across the paths, and they came up with some truly inspired camera movements that took the ideas in the original pieces to an entirely new level. Of course, it was all fun and games for me; all I had to do was brainstorm and free associate while they burned the candle at about 12 different ends to crank out an insanely detailed spot in what was literally a matter of days.

Working Publicis and Zoic in particular was an incredible experience. Unlike so many commercial interests in the design world, they truly did everything they could to keep their interpretation as true as possible to my work. I can't think of many things I appreciate more than that.

A 30-second spot for the Chevrolet Volt based on my Pavement Loop series.

An initial storyboard was prepared using the original Pavement Loop pieces directly. Zoic later recreated them from scratch for the spot, as seen in the following frames.

I modeled this twisted V-shaped network of roads in a few minutes to demonstrate an idea I had for the closing shot. Due to time constraints, however, Zoic used the model directly. They gave it some much needed texturing, but from what I heard the geometry was unaltered.

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