Wired UK: The New Frontline in Cyberwar


wired uk
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paul rider
design & illustration.

alex varanese

The March 2011 issue of Wired UK featured an article on the increasingly significant role played by smart gas meters in hacking attacks and cyberwar (available online here).

I applied my usual fragmentation shtick to the symbol, trying to convey a sense of unease by breaking its curves apart within staggered red planks etched with a writhing cloud of faux-digital nonsense. Through the negative space one can see a dense layer of mangled electronics, all deliberately old-school in their design, jam-packed into an amorphous mass of mysterious intentions. The only hard requirement was that I incorporate the biohazard symbol.

Lastly, this Twitter exchange made it all worthwhile:


@WiredUK - who is the artist behind the awesome illustration on p48 of the current issue? Can't find a credit. Thanks.


@designformusic There's a credit hidden on p49 in the fold, it's Alex Varanese. Glad you like it!

primary illustration


secondary illustration


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